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Shiv Kumar Goyal

Shiv Kumar Goyal is the founder and promoter of Ayushyam, the most popular Ayurvedic Clinic in East Delhi


Dr Prashant Jain is a classical Ayurveda practitioner located in Delhi, India who has learnt his vast knowledge of Ayurveda through ancient Guru Shishya Parampara by various renowned Gurus of Ayurveda and validates his educational credentials by obtaining Masters and pursuing PHD in the field of Ayurveda. He is also one among few certified Ayurvedic Medical Cannabis Doctors of India. He is honoured by Dabur India and many other institutes for setting milestones in Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disorders and fertility related treatment. You can also experience the Holistic Wisdom of Ayurveda with Dr Prashant Jain.

Dr. Lokesh Kaushlya

Prof. Dr. Lokesh Kaushalya is a research scientist for the past 22 years. He is working on action of Homeopathy dilution on psychosomatic aspects of human beings for which he worked for 8 years in Central Jail, Tihar, Delhi. He is also working on a unique project of Homeopathy - regulation of degranulated besofils with the help of homeopathic dilution. He has vast experience of working on diseases like autism, ADHD, DMS etc. He is running an academy for homeopathy doctors, students and common man to understand homeopathy and its curability at Anwarpur village. He developed a scientific laboratory to conduct experiments for project his project - the memory of water.

Dr. Ashish Agarwal

Dr. Ashish Agarwal is a practicing Ayurvedic Physician with 11 years of experience in handling chronic and recurrent health ailments. Diabetes, chronic gastro intestinal disorders, chronic skin disease, kidney diseases are his special interest areas. At Ayushyam, our first objective is to try and go to the source or etiological factor which is predisposing the disease and try to correct the same. This is followed by corrective actions in form of Panchkarma or conventional ayurvedic Shaman (balancing) treatment. We believe in holistic management which involves diet, physical regimen, seasonal regimen and medication.

Dr. Arun Dubey

A dedicated vocalist, Music and Mantra therapist having 20+ years of experience in promoting Music and Mantra therapy to spiritual seekers, students and professionals in India, China and Russia.

Dr. D N Sharma

Dr D N Sharma is one of the senior most Naturopaths of India. He is a National Ayurved Ratna Awardee. He is also the member of CCRYN & NBPDYN, Ministry of Ayush. He served as vice President of International Naturopathy Organisation (INO).